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I've released over 200 something songs since 2009. The majority are free downloads on and I'm almost on the brink of a sustainable career! Just ALLLMOOOST, but you can help me get there. How? By becoming a patron! :D

Exclusive content like songs and videos before they're publicly released. Patron-only discord chats, V-logs, and updates only you can see! Also priority in gaming with me on Steam or PS4

Behind-the-Scenes & Secret V-logs about the creative process of songs and videos. Sneak previews of Works in Progress, Guest Passes to Shows, and Journal Entries on my thoughts and feelings.

Wristbands, Stickers, Posters, whatever NLJ goodies I can find!

A Hand-Written Poem or a Video Message about anything you like!

• Exclusive Skype sessions!

Your support will allow me to make better content and higher quality songs. I learn something new everyday and technology advances every second and I'm always running out of blankets to sound proof my walls. I mean, technically my computer is obsolete already and it's been 2 seconds!

Sometimes equipment just needs to be repaired or upgraded (like my Akai MPD26 with buttons missing and the LED screen out and my Akai MPC1000 that has no hard drive).

Sometimes I have to travel to exotic locations (like Canada) to make the perfect video just for you guys. I want to be able to travel the world one day and have meet-ups, concerts, and real-life collaborations near you but I can't afford to see all of you just yet :D

Through your support, I can continue to bring that unique sound to the electronic nerdcore hip-hop that you love, and create something just for you. Hopefully, in time, I can meet you in real life as I travel more. Thank you for everything and for being awesome, as any contribution means the world to me, and I hope to see you on your side of the world soon.

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• Your Name at the end of my videos

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• Behind-the-scenes videos

Sneak previews of works in progress! 

Journal entries of my life

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• Tutorials on music, videos, or writing by request!

• Videos about the creative process for my songs and videos by request
Genin Level 2 rewards

• Academy Student Level 1 rewards

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