is creating a Free Speech Network dedicated entirely to News and Politics.
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About NoPartySystemCom

With the support and encouragement of so many people bringing us to this point, we are finally ready to move forward with our Social Network dedicated entirely to Politics and Activism.

NoPartySystem.Com is a hub for the Activists, Pundits and Internet Freedom Warriors to come together in search of a Platform of Common Values, a new understanding of Politics and Activism. Instead of continuing to complain about the already well defined problems, we must come together and agree upon solutions moving forward, and bring all our influence to bear on a dedicated Agenda to confront the Financial Cabal seeking World Government through Central Banking.

Please join us in shedding your partisanship and prioritizing a need greater than our own personal interests. We must discover solidarity of purpose if we are to hold back the rising despotism in the World.
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$200 a month will allow us to step up to our next major goal, which is to offer Video Hosting to our Members who create sociopolitical content. A Free Speech environment is needed desperately for Content Creators who have come under fire with the growing censorship policies on mainstream networks.
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