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Hi, my name is Anabella and I believe comics can save the world.

Ok, ok, I don't really believe that. But I am convinced comics can help. Our planet is in a state of emergency, and while other people can invent new technologies or restore ecosystems, translating abstract & complex information into accesible and fun comics is what I have to offer!

I've been specializing in communication on sustainability since 2015. In the Netherlands, various ngo's, sustainability professionals & activists already use my artwork to communicate.

Last year I illustrated, co-authored and published the book "First Aid for Climate Change"

or " Eerste Hulp Bij Klimaatverandering" in Dutch. It's a tong-in-cheek selfhelp book for people who love the planet....and a good steak. Who love coral reefs so much...they want to fly there. You get the picture. It's about telling the story of climate change in an fun, compassionate and empowering way. In order to do this, I teamed up with talented professionals like journalists, a career mentor and a designer. After the succesful crowdfunding and launch in the Netherlands the book got featured in national media and sold out the first print of 2.000 books in 2 months. 

With news about climate change and biodiversity loss getting more terrifying by the day, I feel the urge to serve an international audience with my artwork.

Engaging with stories from followers and making new artwork regularly is a timeconsuming job. By becoming a patron, you'll get a steady stream of royalty free comics and illustrations on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability in general to help you communicate. And depending on your involvement: even get a say in what I draw! 

So...will you become my patron?

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