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People who give this level or more monthly will receive incremental chapters and novel sections in digital format, and a PDF of the draft at the end. They will also receive a physical copy of the publication for free when its produced. They will also receive at least one of the original pieces of the notes or art. I'm also open to special requests. <3




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A literary critic once said that someday authors will write "Brautigans". He was suggesting that the style of the late great author/poet/post-modern mystic was so unique that anyone who writes remotely like him owes at least their genre to his influence.

Last year I published my first volume of poetry, Second Puberty. It encompassed nearly 10 years of poetry and was my first chance to expose my writing to the world. I sold every one of the 50 copies and did a nice premiere and reading. But the greater reward was that it gave me the base of accomplishment needed to write every day. In 13 months since its publication I've written more than I wrote in the 10 years leading up Second Puberty.

When I was 17 I was inspired by David Byrne's journaling project to start confining all my work to journals. Writing, art, film lists, day to day work, travel logs, drafts of all writing, drawings from life...a singular log of the artist's experience. As a person who took a lot of extra years to grow the fuck up I can say that my journals are the only thing that I've done consistently my whole adult life.

Recently I started putting together my second collection of work and realized that my prolific writing pace in the last year can be supplemented by so much of my notetaking and ideology that I've spilled out, and I started transitioning from trying to string together another poetry collection into perhaps writing a memoir. Instead I stumbled upon a narrative for a truly cool and out there novel. My notes on faith, life, obscure religions, oddly vivid and often terrifying dreams, Cosmic horror fiction, fantasy ideas, occult notions and history all make a narrative that I couldn't have made on purpose, but could easily become the most rewarding project I've ever completed.

In no time at all I've written rough drafts of the first 100 pages, drawn maps, and laid out a narrative that could easily span multiple volumes, let alone one succinct work. I want to bring it all together and pay homage to Brautigan in the process by writing a loose, psychedelic, spiritually comforting but plot gripping story that freewheels through styles, implements poetry and esoteric illustrations, and goes beyond "stream of consciousness" into the realm of metaphysically capturing the soul of spiritual development through art.

It's also worth noting that this writing will be part of the Hastur mythological tradition in a way. Most recently popularized by True Detective, this is a mythology with roots back to the Victorian era that many authors from Ambrose Bierce to HP Lovecraft,Karl Edward Wagner and August Derleth have supplemented with their horror fiction. I like the idea of liberating this mythos from its strictly horror roots and it's quantum roots and odd angle are a perfect grounding point for this work. A quick google of the Yellow King/Hastur mythos would explain it much quicker than I can in this space.

I don't need a lot of money to get this done, just some income subsidy for one to two months while I get a draft together and submit it to the right places. If no one bites I'll fundraise independent publishing through other channels. I need motivation and I've outgrown the thrill of being paid up front so I want to use Patreon as a platform for accountability to supporters and patronage that comes in stages.

SO. What's the plot? I don't want to wax on too much about the notions underpinning everything, so here's the nitty gritty:

A late 20's Mormon missionary is excommunicated after a seemingly exemplary young career in the LDS church. He begins to spiral, and begins to traveling to a town in Utah called Emma that he never noticed despite a life rooted in that area. An obsession with the town's history leads to an unreal discovery about the nature of its existence.

Slowly he becomes trapped in the town, as its borders evaporate and the true purgatorial nature of it's existence becomes clear. he discovers that he's voluntarily delivered himself into a form of purgatory, and that the cafeteria in the local Museum is populated daily by literary figures, long dead heroes and villains of history, lost ancestors, and a vast cast of lost souls and depressed waywards. Eventually he finds a way out via a single road but only if he makes a commitment to take on a great undertaking: A roadtrip across the unknown multiverses that overlay the temporal landscape. Joined by a surprise cast of characters, he embarks on a cross-country buddy trip through America unbound. A ribbon highway that can veer off to any moment anywhere in space and time if you don't stay true to your mission. A path where a drive across Illinois can end in 18th century Ireland if you let your heart and mind wander.

The trip's ultimate goal is a cabin in Maine, but before that to meet 100 people who together can help explain how he might have drifted unknowingly out of the material world, what the reality of life and death really are, and the true name of the entity we call God. As good and evil blur and surreality also begins to fray, our hero has to garner a moral center and sense of self in order to physically keep the road in front of him.

It's so hard for me to give this such a vague treatment, but I feel like the first release to my supporters will justify this choice. I have hundreds of delightful plot points, characters, transcendent details, thrilling surprises and profound moments mapped out, and I just feel like for a launch that picking a scant few is just too much. This also only encompasses part one of a two part epic story. I am a shrewd editor and I think I can fit both into one novel, but the second arc is more plot informed and difficult to summarize without the context of narrative.

The beauty of this support platform is that you'll get to see it come to life in exchange for your incredible support. If I can get some help with life while I crank this out, it will be living and breathing by April and entirely readable by the end of May. If you take a leap of faith and support this project your reward will be seeing how much love and charm oozes from the story, and I hope that it will spread the joy and spiritual peace through reading it that creating this world has given me. Thank you so much for considering supporting my first novel, and peace be upon all who take the time to read this.

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