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Hi. I write stuff. If you like what I’ve created and have a few bucks to spare consider pledging so I can buy some stuff at the end of the month, like a drink or lunch, or perhaps I can pay some bills if I manage to earn enough.

As of now I’m writing (un)Lucky, a story you can find HERE.

I also have another story, Sanctuary (currently in hiatus), that you can find HERE.

I’ve always been a quiet and shy person and a lurker online. I’m not very good at being communicative and building a community, therefore don’t expect much on that aspect. That said, I’ll always respond to your questions or comments, so feel free to leave as many of them as you like.

Right now, I’ve no rewards planned for patrons. If my story provides you with entertainment and you think it would be worth it to spend a buck or two each month to help me out, then pledge. If you don’t, then don’t pledge.
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