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For just $5 a month, you get everything we arbitrarily decide you deserve for giving us money. Exclusive episodes? H*ck yeah! "you up?" texts at 3 in the morning? Count on it! Emotional support? That sounds super hard but okay!

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You get everything in the $5 tier plus any t-shirt you want from the Normpod merch store shipped directly to you along with a vial of Zach's blood. Just kidding about the blood thing, since that might not be strictly legal. If it is, then you're definitely getting blood. If it's not, let's just say it's a joke even if it's not. Which it is. But no.


By pledging to this Patreon, you are doing your part to make this very normal country (hey, that's the name of the show!) weird again, one rant about how Jodi Arias did nothing wrong at a time.
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We're quitting our jobs and just doing this forever. Videos, newsletters, the whole thing!
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