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Hi, I'm Normal Jean and I am a serial autodidact. I've spent my entire life teaching myself new instruments, playing and writing music, learning new art forms and even perfecting a few of them! I love costuming, sculpting, animating, making silly videos and a million other things. I thrive on learning new stuff and I don't see a time when I will ever stop.

My latest endeavor is Ball Joint Doll making. I've been obsessed with them for years and I've just created my first doll which turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself! Now I'm looking forward to making my next one using all of the techniques I've learned from my first one. And then, this is where you come in, I'd like to share my journey with you! I plan on making some instructional videos and probably more of "this is where I'm at on this project" types of videos. Things that only my closest friends, family and PATRONS will get to see! I'm hoping to eventually get a 3D printer so that I can replicate my sculptures for a bigger audience. Meaning, at least being able to make more than one. Although that is a ways down the road because of my limited crafting space. But I will still try to come up with cool, handmade rewards for higher tier Patrons though. And all Patrons will have a chance to buy my creations before I post them on Etsy.

And if you become my patron, there will inevitably be times when I switch to a different artistic medium (because that's the way I roll) but you will be guaranteed that I will always be creating. :) I promise I will try to stick to the things I'm best at, which will be doll making, needle felting, general sculpting and mosaics. And probably the occasional new original song when I need a break from art. :)

Thank you so much for reading this far and I really hope that you'll become my patron!

Stay tuned for an intro video coming soon!
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For $3 you will get everything above PLUS access to my newest video or piece of art a day early! I will also make you my friend on Facebook!  And best of all, you will get a chance to purchase my art 3 days before I post it on Etsy! 
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For $5 you will get everything above PLUS you can message me ideas for videos or art projects! If I make your idea you will get first dibs on purchasing whatever I made (if it's for sale) and if I make a video you suggested, I will put your name in the credits and give you a shout out in the video! And even if you don't suggest anything, you will still get a chance to purchase my art 5 days before I post it on Etsy! 
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If I can reach this goal I will write a new original song about one of my many obsessions!
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