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What up: clowns, deplorables, trolls, and the true intelligentsia bored out of your mind by: political correctness and intersectionality; the collective of rampant leftism dominating media and culture.

Despite their totalitarian grip, narratives, violence, and hysteria we can make moves!

Welcome to the antidote, an oasis, this: The Left 2 Right Free Speech Podcast.

The Premiere Podcast for countering propaganda with comedy and truth featuring me, your host and obscure creative star behind Men On Monkey Bars Records, Normal The Board, and Sp^ce Studios: Jonathan Ryan Frishberg.

I’m here coming to you live from Sp^ce Studios, in booming Nashville Tennessee. An enclave of signal, hidden in a world of noise.  

From here I transmit to you all the knowledge, wit, and wisdom I have accumulated in the funniest, most clever way possible. Always striving to give you maximum entertainment and educational value for your time invested here with me, which I know could be spent in nearly infinite other places right now, so my sincere thanks and love to you for being here with me as I introduce this idea. Any support you feel inclined to provide will be solely spent on producing more and better content.

My goal here is pander to no one, not even you, my beautiful, unrivaled, and genius audience, the greatest audience of all time. 

With truth as my true north I intend to give you the dank about the make moves and normal the board philosophy and the topics which interest me and I hold expertise, including: politics, current events, health, engineering, technology, sports, music, taboos, and inner game skills; all delivered with a non mainstream independent slant, which puts truth above ideology.

My goal is to make people laugh and cure some boredom by entertaining and engaging in uncensored critical content with a contrarian nonestablishment slant.

A bulwark and vanguard for: free speech, truth, creativity, comedy and the free expression of ideas; my intention for this show is to convey the what’s what with the world as I see it, and inform the listener how I successfully became an independent free thinker in the modern world of group-think mental slave conformity.

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