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About Jason Mullan

Infinite thanks for your support!

If you are even here right now that means a lot to me. The idea of starting this Patreon is to experiment with the unknown and continue to give my all to my passion of creating things and to cultivate a community within. I make many different things from music, photography, to abstract paintings/weird videos. I also have many more plans of things to come up with like dioramas and installations/performances of various degrees, giving music lessons, mask making, film making, and much more. I believe going to Patreon is a great way to increase creativity and to directly connect and give back to all of you out there in the interwebs.

How will it work/Where do my donations go?

If you like what I do and would like to support what I do this is the place to be :) I have chosen to follow my passion in life and with what I do comes difficulty in making certain things possible. And for that I must humbly ask for your help. So many projects and ideas I have are quickly cast to the aether or put on the back burner until I can get together the funds to make bigger things happen, but with your help and generosity I will be able to push myself further than I even imagined I could go.

Everything you put into me I will commit back to you. Making a monthly pledge to the independent art movement will go directly into purchasing supplies/other things needed to help make that vision a reality and able to be shared with you. No matter how much you choose to contribute, you are directly making an impact to not only my life, but the bigger picture of a communal, art influenced world. To which I thank you infinitely.

Anything I can take a gander at?

Oh, but of course.
To stay the most up to date, check out my Instagram.

A brief playlist of some YouTube stuff. I post music, stream games, make fan trailers, etc. and hope to start getting some short films made too.  

45 songs from 2011-2015  ↓↓↓

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