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About Nosfecatu

Meow, everyone! I am Nosfecatu, and I write about Filipino-inspired gods and monsters for use in the 5th Edition of that tabletop roleplaying game. I'm currently working on two projects:

The first project is a book project called The Diwata Codex. It is a collection of divine entities (diwatas) that the people appease and draw magic from through complex system social traditions and contracts called Utang na Loob. The book will also detail how these diwatas fit into the lives and culture of the people who believe in them and how being neighbors divided by the sea form divergent aspects of one divine entity.

The second project is more of a setting book. Meilakanjan literally says "a lakan lives there." While ostensibly used to describe their lavish palaces, Meilakanjan also refers to the interconnected port cities that these merchant princes rule over. In this land of favors and vendettas, debt and pageantry are currencies as good as gold. 

Where can you find me?

I have a blog where I like to talk about the stuff I write about, and you can find it here:
In addition, I have two products from the prior edition of the game, available through here:

What do you get?

Timawa level: For pledging 0 dollars, you will get a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3* short articles per month. They are free! These would would alternate between writeups of the different diwatas and a pieces that explore the cultural notes found in the city of Meilakanjan. 

Ginoo level: For pledging 2 dollars or more, I will send you the pdf of the books upon their completion, for free, regardless of whatever price point it would be sold at.

Datu level: For pledging 5 dollars or more, you will have first access to my brainstorm pieces, and be able to provide input on my work as they are being created. Mostly this will involve links to OneNote pages that contains my handwritten scribbles on content that are scheduled to be posted within the next 2 - 3 months!

Lakan level: For pledging 10 dollars or more, each completed product I will release will have a special writeup inspired by you! For example, in the Diwata Codex each lakan-level patron will have their own diwata designed just for them! (Since this level is quite involved, it will only be available to up to 15 patrons.)

* Should you decide to become my patron, then you have my heartfelt thanks. I will make sure to inform you in advance if I can produce more than two articles in a given month. But if you want to be on the safe side, Patreon allows for a maximum monthly limit so you'll never ever need to go over budget.

Some Legal Stuff

I, BJ Recio, operating as Nosfecatu Publishing, am an independent publisher of tabletop RPG supplements. I may from time to time work as a freelance writer for other publishers, but am otherwise not affiliated with any other publishers. Neither do I challenge, claim, or use trademarks that are held by these companies. Some articles may access terms via the Open Gaming License, a copy of which will be found here.
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Thank you for your support! Every bit helps in helping me to write and layout and edit and write some more.
  • Once I create enough content, the plan is to get an editor (and maybe a layout artist), collect them all under a compiled pdf and to release them via the usual ebook stores. If you pledge $2.00 or more, these compilations will be made available to you for free once they are done, regardless of the actual price point I will sell them as.
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Thank you for your support! 
  • You will receive the same benefit as the $2.00 reward, above.
  • In addition, you will have first access to some short pieces that I will create in RPG systems other then Fifth Edition. I am a 5E person at heart, but I've also been recently fond of old school systems, the Apocalypse Engine, Fate, and others! I like to grow in more than one system, so from time to time I will post a random idea as a thank-you to patrons at this level.
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Amazing! Thank you so much, and may the diwata bless your generosity.
  • You will receive the same benefit as the $5.00 reward, above.
  • Every completed product produced will feature a small portion dedicated to you. In the Diwata Codex, this means that lakan-level patrons such as you will have a customised diwata based on your requests!
Includes Discord rewards
$76 of $90 per writeup
At this amount, I will be able to work on a periodic (semi-annual) e-zine that focuses on RPG content for different open rulesets. Most of them will be written by me, but I will also be able to invite guest writers to be included! The zines will be released in a pay-what-you-want format, as the bulk of the financing will be done by the Patrons.
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