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About nostraightanswer

Who is nostraightanswer?

My name is Samuel ("Sam") Blakeslee, and I'm a music producer and vocalist under the name "nostraightanswer", commonly known otherwise as "Lupin", formerly "Kenji-B".  I primarily focus on electronic genres of music, using inspiration from pop and rock genres. I started composing shortly after discovering VOCALOID, and presently I'm considered a familiar face in the scene.  Additionally, I provided the voice of Zero-G Limited's VOCALOID DEX.

Here's a short list of honors and accolades as part of my time as a music producer and vocalist (these are good places to start if you're unfamiliar with my work): 
Below is the most recent example of my work, as a producer or as a vocalist:

What are you doing?

My goal is to create high-quality original content; as a multimedia creator, this will include original music and video, primarily featuring the voices of English VOCALOID libraries or myself. 
Another goal is to motivate myself to create new things, and branch out. I'm interested in pursuing my career as a vocalist, developing music for specific concepts, etc.

Why Patreon?

As I am legally blind and therefore unable to drive a car, Patreon is the most easy-to-access method of making a living. Plus, music is what makes me happy. It's how I express my ups and cope with my down. If at all possible, I want to keep doing this for as long as I live, and Patreon is a way to make that happen.

My sincerest thanks, for everything you've done or will do,
Sam Blakeslee
"nostraightanswer (Lupin)"

(If you have any questions, send me a message!)
$125 of $400 per month
Being able to make this amount of money each month will allow me to hire illustrators to help in the asset creation necessary to upload songs to my YouTube channel.

As such, by the time this goal is met, I'll be able to ensure the delivery of at least one song upload to my YouTube channel every month.
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