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This is it, you're part of the team. All for the price of a pint per month. And with it, you'll get early access to N2G videos, we'll be creating some Patreon only content, too, and in time, we'll set up a Patreon-only monthly Q and A where you can speak to us, give your ideas, and help us ultimately shape the site. 

This isn't us taking your money and doing what we want, we want to make it a great site for you!

We will also be creating a Patreon-only section of the site with exclusive content just for patrons, content that will not go on the site as a whole. Got to be worth your £3.50 for that, right? 




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About Chris Pollitt

Oh, hello there, you seem to be on Patreon page, which is nice. And presumably you're because you want to become an official part of the N2G family. And with that, you want to help me make Not 2 Grand bigger and better. How very nice of you. 

What is Not 2 Grand?

Well, I set it up as a blog some years ago and since then it has blossomed into a full-blown website that now boasts over 230 articles, highly active social channels and most recently of all, video content too. And all of that content, and I do mean every last bit of it, relates to buying and owning cars that are less than £2,000. And believe me, there is a world of stuff out there. As this Citroen ZX goes to show...

I just don't see why new cars should have all the fun. Why should they get the limelight constantly? We can't all afford to buy new cars, can we? That's why Not 2 Grand exists, to champion the cheaper car, to say "hey, they're cheap, but they're good". This isn't about bangernomics or getting the most out of a derelict heap, this is about being a motorist on a budget, but ending with a car you can be proud of. That's what the site does anyway, it gives you information on hundreds of cars that you can go out and buy today for less than two thousand pounds. Lovely. 

Of course, there is the big selling point of Not 2 Grand: It's fun. While I have indeed done my best to make sure it's rich in information and genuine buying advice, it's also entertaining. It doesn't take itself too seriously. Life is too short for that. Cars are a means to have fun, so have fun we will...

This year, at the UK Blog Awards, Not 2 Grand won the award for being the best individual automotive blog in the UK. That's huge, and it's proof I'm hopefully onto something. And just think, the site won that with just my input and the work of Mike, my internet man. All with no budget, all with minimal time available to it. Just think what we could do with some budget to play about with. 

Why the hell should you give me money?

I hate asking for money, I really do, but this thing is getting big now, very big. But there is still so, so much more I can do with it. I can build this into something spectacular with your help. So if you read the site, if you watch the videos, if you love what we do, please do become a patron. Let's make Not 2 Grand into something truly incredible. 

But didn't I give you money on Kickstarter? 

Quite possibly, and if you did, thank you. And also, if you did, you would have been rewarded for that appropriately as per that campaign. But please bear in mind, that was for the episodes, a project that is still ongoing (we will have episode one ready soon). Plus, it was, as the website would suggest, a kickstart. We can do three episodes with the money raised, after that, we're out of budget. The plan was always to go down the Patreon route. 

Okay, go on then...

If a few of you become patrons, it pays the internet man, keeps the site ticking over and that's that. If enough of you help Not 2 Grand, the site can grow, the content can expand, the videos can get better and the overall breadth of what we do at Not 2 Grand can expand exponentially. We have so many content ideas, so many plans, so much good stuff that will entertain you and make you smile. 

There are no levels to the tiers. It's one amount (or more if you like), and then you're in. You're part of the Not 2 Grand family.
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If I can get 500 of you to be a part of the N2G team, we'll hold a Patreon-exclusive event in the spring of 2019. 
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