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Who and What is NOTAFLOF?

We are a community of queer and trans* people in North Oakland dedicated to creating a space for transformation. Our collective mission is to provide safer, affordable haircuts, bodywork, healing services, meetings, performance and event space to the East Bay community with "no one turned away for lack of funds" (NOTAFLOF).

Inspired by the work of Open Barbers in London, who offer "queer and trans friendly" sliding scale haircuts every day of the week, our mission is to center queer and trans* people, especially QTIPOC (queer, trans* and intersex People of Color), low income and disabled folks in our communities, who often face greater barriers in employment and housing, and in accessing basic self care services like a haircut. We aim to create a space where diverse communities can intersect and feel included, no matter what their identity or background might be.

Our Mission

We see hair services as a political intersection of race, class and gender identity. We hope our work will serve to offset the very real and current economic struggles of marginalized communities. We intend over time to form a solid collective of stylists, practitioners and activists across a range of identities in the queer community to more fully support both stylists’ and clients’ ability to remain in the Bay Area.

We hope that our space can bridge the usual separations of race, gender, ability and class in the hair business. We see our gender, sexuality, racial and economic justice work as inseparable to a disability justice framework. The core of our work is to include folks with differing abilities in our space, who are often left out of more abled queer circles. To offer a space for transformation, not only for those who are marginalized, but to become a place where educational moments can occur for everyone. We see haircuts and healing work as a vehicle for creating social change, one person at a time.

We wish to provide an alternative to mainstream establishments, where trans and gender non-conforming people have often experienced tremendous hardship and even trauma in their attempts to access basic services.

In a moment when many previous queer and trans* designated spaces are being lost amidst the rapid process of gentrification, we are committed to becoming and maintaining a collectively-owned and operated space. While many mainstream LGBTIQ events such as music or dance parties are centered around alcohol, we want to offer an alternative to this by providing an explicitly sober space for queer and trans* people to connect with each other. We also want to offer an alternative to typical support groups, which tend to be inadequate for folks who fall outside of the gender binary.

We are already in collaboration with other activist organizations in the community whose work is focused on queer and trans* people, POC, and folks with disabilities or low to no income. We also plan to host events and provide services for children and families, centered on trans* children and youth, parents and their extended families. Some examples of how we wish to engage folks of all ages are through community gardening, art, dance and music classes, skill share workshops, focus groups, community potlucks, etc.

We are excited to offer services which contribute to a person's overall self-confidence and well-being, and especially believe that providing haircuts outside of the gender binary allows people to have more autonomy in their self-expression. We want to be a safer space for people to access services which are normally dictated by cis/heteronormativity. By working outside of the usual means of exchange for services given, we empower folks to care for themselves and each other without income being a factor in their ability to do so. We want to highlight the gap between the experiences of trans* and other marginalized people when compared to the rest of the population in terms of their access to stable housing, employment and health care.

We hope that this work will serve as a way to educate people who might not otherwise be aware of the needs of queer and trans* people in all of their myriad intersections.


While aware that the eradication of capitalism may not be possible in this lifetime, our aim is for this space to be as anti-classist and non-hierarchical as possible. This allows for greater inclusivity of people who do not fit into the capitalist "worker/consumer" model. Just as many folks have a difficult time accessing services, there are many providers and practitioners in our community who are not able to afford the high overhead of rent. The problem with the current economic climate in the Bay Area is that a lot of folks are down to the wire in our community, unable to help themselves or each other. Many folks count themselves among the growing numbers who are unable to work or sustain work for x amount of reasons. The system has set us up to fail.

If you are one of us, someone that the system doesn’t give a damn about, we want you to be part of this community. We want you to come to the space and feel like there is something here for you. If you don’t have dollars, even if you don’t have time, we want you to know this place exists for you.

But, if you do have just a dollar, or five, and 1,000–2,000 of us have just that small amount to give, we can make sure that this space doesn’t slip away and pay the rent each month. We also encourage folks in our community and our allies to support us with larger gifts when possible.

Every dollar of patron support goes toward making folks' talents, goods and services available on a by donation/sliding scale basis, with no one turned away for lack of funds. We believe that this can serve as a model to support different and intersecting communities in an otherwise unsustainable economy.

Our resilience as a community is only as strong as each of our members. We seek to uplift each other and one way you can do this is by supporting us financially.

We see this space as a transforming ground; to serve as a foundation for building true community where folks can care for themselves and each other, a place where you can do what you need to do for self care and not be turned away because you lack the funds. A place where you can care for others without worrying about the overhead of renting space. A place where you can support your community and know that you are not alone.
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