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neat guys
per draw
-i love u

-see the stuff i draw before anybody else does!

-sneak peek @ musa's secret sketchbook. sometimes the drawings are even good!

-a vote in the art request poll!!

cool guys
per draw
-i love u

-everything from the neat guys tier PLUS

-you get to submit an art request to be entered into a poll each month. the most popular request gets a little doodle! wow!

rad guys
per draw
-i love u

-everything from the neat&cool guys tier PLUS

-critique/consultation/redlines! send me your visual art pieces and get my two cents. ask art related questions. pick my brain

-also exclusive to this tier & above is any tutorial i may make




per draw

About musa

hi, i'm musa and i draw things!

this is where i put my art before i show it anywhere else. its more of a tip jar than anything. a tip jar with rewards!!

thank you for subscribing! you guys are my heroes, gimme kiss

$261 of $300 per draw
wow money! this will help me subsist on more than PBJ sammies. ill add a critique/consultation/red line option if i reach this amount. let me impart my wisdom
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