is creating video game entertainment hopefully
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someone I say hi to on the street
per month
Shoutout during stream or video. will make sure you are there so you can enjoy it first hand. Also if in some way shape or form i see you on the street and recognize you i will say hi.
I have your number
per month
Same as tier one and you will also have your name or a name of your choice is a game or video. The fate of you in the game is not guaranteed success or failure. But if it makes you feel better I do prefer you to succeed because your supporting me.
I hang out with you sometimes because of a mutual friend
per month
Tier one and two included plus votes on poles count as double when making decisions for content and polls will be made just for you guys to vote on.




per month

About notthechump

Hello everyone, I like to play video games and talk to people preferably about whatever they want to talk about. but I'm col with whatever, I stream MLB The Show right now but will play whatever I don't completely suck at. Do not feel obligated to donate, it is not expected but very helpful and much appreciated. my goal is to be able to support myself providing content to those willing to watch. Money or no money I will still provide content, Im not asking for money to stream but to be able to stream more. Hope you enjoy the content and hopefully I make you laugh at least once.
$0 of $50 per month
I want to be able to get to 50 a month so I have the ability to give away stuff, so this is less for me and more for you guys. I like to be bale to give away things to you guys so i can show my appreciation another way.
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