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About Andrea Femerstrand

Hey everyone!

Thought I'd jump on the wagon too and try this thing out.
So far I'm only trying this for fun, so bear with me :)

You can read my blog here,
and check out my portfolio here.

I work part-time as a concept artist and do some freelancing on the side. I also create content for my blog, or post my own art on my spare time. I try to inspire others and give back whenever possible.

If you like what I do and want to support, feel free to donate. I don't have any goals at the moment, other than being able to spend more time on personal art or projects to share with you guys. I also put a lot of time on creating new videos showing how I work, hopefully I'll be able to make tutorials as well. Maybe in a near future, when I won't have to rely as much on freelance work :)

I can't provide any perks right this moment, but I'm very grateful for any donation. I'll probably use that to feed my two cats, hehe.

Thanks for stopping by!


- Andrea

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