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About Nourishme Organics Gut Health Gurus

The field of Gut Health and the Microbiome is a fascinating field of research that has wide implications for our wellness. Partner with us to create podcasts, blog posts, videos and fermented food recipes to increase public awareness on the importance of gut health.

My story begins 8 years ago, crippled with anxiety and depression, overweight and lacking energy and vibrancy. I was told by my psychiatrist that antidepressants were the only option but being the Food Scientist, I began to look at alternative ways including numerous research studies to treat my ill health. I discovered that Gut Health was absolutely critical to Mental Health and overall health. I created the Gut Health Gurus podcast, to interview world experts in the field of the Microbiome, Mitochondrial Health, Deuterium Depletion, Probiotics, Fermented foods, and many other topics related to optimal wellness and longevity. I also created a blog and Youtube Channel where I share the latest science-based information on optimising your health. We also share our fermented foods recipes so you can have fun in the kitchen, whilst looking after your gut.
Please support Nourishme Organics. Our goal is to provide information and support to those suffering from Gut Health and Mental Health issues via the information we provide via our Podcast, Blog and Videos.

By crowdfunding Nourishme Organics we can continue to attract and interview world-class health experts, produce high quality content and share this valuable information with the world.

Here are some of our most popular podcast episodes:

Neurosurgeon, Dr Jack Kruse on Light and the Microbiome

Dr Zach Bush MD on Glyphosate, The Chronic Epidemic and Solutions for a Brighter Future

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With Gratitude, Grace and Love
Kriben Govender B.A.Sc (Food Science and Technology) (Hon)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts