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About Shintayu

Hello Everyone.
i am Shintayu, i am digital painting artist from indonesia, i want to exploring Nouveau art by Alphonse Mucha. i want to drawing fan arts every weeks in nouveau art style. and sometimes i want drawing my supporter's OC or their portrait, off course in nouveau art style.

i am freelancer, i do some commissions, drawing people in sketchmob, yup. i drawing photo, to help people who need gift for girl friend, or boy friend, or if they just need a painting hanging in their wall. 

my goal is, i can drawing at least one fan art from famous movie's character or comic's character and turn it into nouveau art style, but as all you know, fundation is important to support your hobbies and support the big thing you create.

so, i become patreon, to reach my dream, drawing anything i want, and creating big things. 

be my supporter, i will hard work to gift you some benefits.

thank you.
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i will close the pledge when i reach the goal.
thank you
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