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About Nov25Studio

Nov25Studio is a team of audio-visual professionals who produce inventive work for advertising, education, and the arts. We use a cross-disciplinary approach to every project – ensuring that designers, sound engineers, directors, and music composers all work under the same roof. We take pride in constantly finding new talents to collaborate with: only then can we imagine and create the stories we tell.

We are a group of directors, animators, designers and producers, working together to make film a constantly evolving medium. Our work includes animation, design, and live action, involving a mix of in-house and external talent. This constant mingling of new ideas makes us great communicators with the agencies, production companies, and brands that pick us.

We dig sound. Every composer, engineer, designer, and voice actor. We work hard to record the perfect ambiance for a film, write compelling music for a video piece, mix crisp sounds to create a polished narrative, or pick just the right voice for this season’s jingle. Just like us, our projects are broad and eclectic. Together, we deeply enjoy bringing sound to higher, invigorating levels.