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Aww! >w< Thank you so much!

I will send you a personal recording of your name, or anything (SFW) that you'd like me to say! Limited to one sentence, please, lovelies! 
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Ahh! Thank you so much, love! <3

For this tier, I will personally send you a 2-5 minute audio-recording of anything you'd like, a script, a shoutout, anything! Just, please keep it SFW!
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Ohmygosh, THANK YOU!!! <3 <3~

Ah! As well as the other tier rewards, I will

-Follow you on Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, or Youtube
-Add you on Tumblr messaging, or on Discord!




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About NovaAudio

Hey! I'm Nova.

I'm an upcoming Audio-Roleplay, GFE, Voice Actress-thing, who has a hobby in funny voices.

To make this short, I don't really expect anyone to be donating that much here, but I wanted to put it as an option for anyone who was so kind to! I constantly need money for equipment and I thought that this might be a good way to supply some of said need? 

I would love to make more people happy with any kind of small talent I have, and to do so, I'd like to get a better mic, headphones, a new laptop, or whatever else! 

Anyways, thank all of my lovely listeners who continue to make me smile everyday, and even if you can donate a dollar, I would be the happiest person on earth! <3 
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For my first goal, I was looking up for money towards a new microphone + setup? It would be just fantastic not having to worry about little mic-pop sounds, and I may even be able to record video aswell! I want to give you all my best works, without having to spend forever on little messups, and pops, and it would be lovely to have more freedom on what I record, and what I can give to you all! <3~
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