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Through the program of your choice, I will help you break the personal barriers and fears to attain your ultimate life goals. Together we will change your mental outlook to maximize your potential so you can make a positive impact in your personal life as well as in society.

Everyone has an innate desire to know their purpose and to achieve their dreams. Many people live their lives wishing they were somewhere else in life. Fears, life experiences (past and present), as well as excuses can get in the way, preventing an individual from pursuing or achieving these goals. 

I am here to help you FIND YOUR MEANING and live by it! Together we will work through your fears, life experiences and excuses that are inhibiting your ability to achieve your dreams. No more telling yourself "I'd like to do that in the future" or "It's just not the right time"!

With me as your guide, I promise this! YOU WILL become the person you want to be! YOU WILL learn to love and believe in yourself! YOU WILL discover and unlock your incredible potential that's been waiting to be exposed.

If you want to rise to your full potential, allow me to assist you, LET'S GO, LET'S GET STARTED! The TIME IS NOW! Take a look around or just DIVE RIGHT IN!

This Patreon campaign is designed to bring me closer to the people who enjoy the content I release. It is also designed to bring me closer and connect with like individuals all over the world on the same journey. Together WE will make a difference.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I am readily accessible. You have NO IDEA how excited I am to help you grow in your potential and see your results. I can't wait to hear from you!

About Glen: 

Glen understands about pursuing his dreams. He is a Certified EMT/Paramedic, active medical practitioner and holds 10 medical certifications as well as instructor-level certifications.

“As a trauma paramedic riding in ambulances, I saw so many people voicing their last regrets. Over and over, they told me they wished they had taken a chance to go after their dreams,” recalls Glen. “Now all that potential is lying in the grave. I want to help people break through their own self-inflicted barriers to push through their fears and attain their goals.”

Glen is an honorably discharged Marine, specifically serving in the Military Police with deployments to Haiti, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Glen currently holds over 6 security/ protection/investigative certifications and licenses as well as numerous instructor-level certifications. As a personal protection specialist who established his own business, he has provided executive protection to NBA stars, celebrities, top C-level business leaders, and other high net worth individuals and their families. His work in large scale events includes being personally selected for security details for the Super Bowl, the All-Star Game, the Daytona 500, and the Hurricane Katrina FEMA efforts. His work includes being attached to the Secret Service to protect President George Bush during the Washington Times Anniversary.

He actively trains in several forms of martial arts, including Ving Tsun, Karate, Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Do.

His greatest passion, however, is helping others realize their full potential.

“Struggle is a necessity,” points out Glen. “It is by working hard for something that will give you the ability to actually achieve your dreams. If it was easy, you would not value it as much. Never give up on your dreams. And there is never a more perfect time than NOW.”

In 2018, Glen began motivational speaking to help people push through their uncertainties. He is available for both short- and long-form presentations and speaking engagements. He regularly posts his “60 Second Mind Hacks” on YouTube to give his audience a daily dose of positivity and practical tips to reach their goals.

“You create what you want from your thoughts,” explains Glen. “So, dream big! It is NOW time!”

Thank you, 

Glen & the NowTime team

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