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About Now You See It

Why is the channel called Now You See It?

First, there's "now you see it" as in, we explored how some cinematic idea, and (hopefully) it makes a little more sense. AKA "now you notice it." 

Seconds, there's "now you see it," as a sort of command. Go out there and see for yourself.

Finally, it's the beginning of the common phrase "Now you see it, now you don't" which is usually reserved for something magical. And that's what film is: magical. But it's also a cruel irony because the title of the channel implies that sometimes you notice a pattern in movies, and sometimes not. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. And it's true: movies don't follow a rulebook on how to convey an idea. But that doesn't mean movies are all chaos and they can't be analyzed. There's always something going on, some purpose. And our goal is to find that out, and maybe sprinkle in a few Dave Chappelle videos along the way.
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