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-I will answer any of your questions!

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About n-o-x-i

✦  ♊ | ♀️ | 18.06.1999 | Polish ✦

My name is Natalia, You may know me better as n-o-x-i (n-o-x-i, noxi.png, noxyyyy).
I've been a self-taught artist since I could hold pen in my hand. I love drawing canines, dragons, monsters, medieval, tribal or cyberpunk stuff! I'm an approachable person, I like to spend some time just talking to people on the internet. c:

Why am I here?
I simply want you to help me improve. c: Freelance artists have a very hard time in my country, I won't be able to achieve my goals alone.

"Why should I support You?"
You'll help me save some money for my university which starts in 2 weeks.
You can inspire me to draw more... And I can inspire You!
I'll answer every question You have for me!
You get access to many works that no one has ever seen!

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