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About William Spencer Downing

The information age, they call it. The time we live in now. It is a revolution for humanity, a revolution whose effects are still so recent in our history that we cannot even begin to comprehend its future ramifications. A revolution whose changes we are still trying to adapt to.

Never before has humanity lived in an era where it had access to so much knowledge and information so quickly and so easily. Nor has it lived in a era were so many different distractions demand our attention on a daily basis. When everything was simultaneously demanding it; it seemed that our attention spans grew shorter to keep up with the demand. It seemed as if giving a thought a large amount of attention for an extended period of time was a thing of the past. Our access to the world's knowledge had led to our inefficient use of it. Our once understood bedrocks of society began to fade and obscure. After all how can one understand truth when they have never had time to reflect on it?

Ne Plus Ultra seeks to combine the best of both worlds. The wealth of information of the future, with the deep analysis of the past. The combination of these two aspects represent the best of both eras. For it is not enough to be told what truth is, it must be verified.

How is it verified?

Through independent thought.

Without it, we cannot know what is truth and what are merely shadows on the wall.
This is Ne Plus Ultra's core mission, to help gather, create, and foster independent thought.

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