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In 2009 the DawgHouse was born to address a huge hole in local radio: no one was serving the large and growing population of motorcycling enthusiasts. The weekly show was successful beyond our imagination. But after a format flip a narrow-minded programming director at the FM radio station we were on felt that motorcycling and motorcycle racing wasn't a sport and we were relegated to an AM station. Suddenly our fans could no longer hear the show, so we told the AM station to stuff it and went to the Internet.

Five years and hundreds of thousands of listeners later  from around the world prove leaving traditional radio was the right move. The only problem is that success hasn't lead to financial gain. In fact it's costing us hundreds of dollars a month. We want to expand our offerings and do as much as we can for our loyal followers, but for that we need to defray some of the cost.

We'll continue to do the show no matter what...and it'll always be free, but your help could be the difference between growing our content, serving more listeners and adding video content or having to eat our young. Do you want that on your head?
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Patrons who provide $1.00 per episode will get listed on our new SPONSORS page. Hey, it's something. Remember, the DawgHouse is a weekly show, so you're pledging $4.00 per month.
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Pony up $5.00 per episode and we'll come clean your house. No...not really. You'll become an on-air sponsor and we'll announce your name on our show as a supporter - of course unless you tell us not to, and you'll get listed on the SPONSORS page as well. Remember, the DawgHouse is a weekly show, so you're pledging $20.00 per month.
Limited (2000 of 2000 remaining)
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We'll create a professionally produced commercial for yourself, or your business, played a minimum of once per episode. Plus you'll be added to our SPONSORS page. Remember, the DawgHouse is a weekly show, so you're pledging $200.00 per month.
$2 of $200 per Episode
We hate Google ads and for the pennys (literally) it brings in a month it creates a whole lotta distractions from our content. Once we reach this goal we'll remove all Google ads from the site. We might still have some ads, but they'll be those we can tailor to our listeners and not be controlled by Googlezilla.
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