Dimitri Zaitsev

is creating dystopian costumes, props, tutorials, and photos
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About Dimitri Zaitsev

1. You can just talk to me,
no matter how much you pledge (if at all). I always try to answer as many messages as I can. Say hi, ask smart stuff, ask stupid stuff, suggest topics, show your own creations, whatever. This unit is programmed to perform human communica....1001011010 KILL KILL KILL

2. I´ll keep making those videos and artworks, because that´s what I do - even if noone pledges jack. Everything would just be waaaay slower and less cool than it should be. Which is why...

3. Every single bottlecap makes a difference! Even minmal ammounts like 1$ or 2$ a month add up and translate into new quality content, which in turn might help you (and everyone else watching) improve and inspire your own doomsday creations.

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