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We are a group composed of 4 people, we love technology, programming and music, we know that joining our forces we can create incredible things. For this reason we have joined and created Nuinalp, our startup in Brazil, to devote ourselves to the projects we develop.
We created this group so that only one can answer for the various projects, making it easy to adopt and represent the projects, see below what we are developing.


This is our first-mobile framework for interface development, it was developed with the purpose of creating interfaces that translate our design principles, and for internal use, but with what we have learned, today we are evolving so that it is compatible with several browsers , have a modern and sweet look, and can work without problems with Vue.JS, Angular, React, Ember.JS and several others. Our goal is to create the most complete, beautiful and most powerful library for interface creation, it was created for use in the Plánium OS.

Plánium OS

It is our operating system, based on Web technologies and inspired by Firefox OS, we are working to develop it, our idea is to create a multiplatform system that is able to work in several sizes of different screens and in different devices, thus creating a modern, responsive and universal operating system. It is being designed with NW.js, in this way we want to offer more power to the System Apps, offering them the resources of Node.js, currently the project is in alpha phase of development, but will be updated soon.

Nuinalp Office

An Office is an incredible tool that many people use, this project consists of creating a Web-based Office, free and that can replace Microsoft Office, Open Office or any other. Our goal is to create a multiplatform Office for Windows, MacOS and Linux using NW.js. It was created for the Plánium OS, it will be released first to our system and then it will be available for the other platforms. We want it to be compatible with the formats most used by users and be built entirely with Web resources.

GitLab Discovery

This is our last project, we created it for internal use only, it is a desktop client for GitLab developed with NW.js. At some point we migrated from GitHub to GitLab and we missed a desktop client in order to accelerate our interaction with the platform, so we decided to create it. After we see where we can get there, we decided to make it open source and share with the community, today we are 16 stars in our repository and there are several people waiting for a beta, we started developing it with Electron, but now we developed with NW.js for a number of reasons, and in this way we intend to correct the initial errors of the project. Our goal with it is to create the most complete desktop client for GitLab, thereby helping the community, the company's customers and our team.

We have many ideas and many projects too, if you are a creator like us, you know how much work there is when creating projects like this, there are many resources, ideas, and things to do, fortunately we love it all :D

Because of this we would like to ask for your help, we would like to work full time in our projects, and make them all reality, however we need to strengthen our individual careers to honor our commitments and in our vacant time we work on our projects. If you use one of our projects or would like to see one become reality or be developed faster, please consider making a promise to us at Patreon, that way you will be helping us, creating hope and motivation. For some projects we need high performance computers, Apple computers to develop our projects for this platform and today we do not have the conditions to acquire such resources, depending on the goal achieved we can work full time, acquire the necessary structure and resources, provide us with income, enabling us to focus on our projects :)
We would like to thank you in advance for your help.

Team Nuinalp.
$0 of $300 per creation
If this goal is achieved we can devote half of our work time to the development of our projects
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