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Hi, I am Yuki Rea, founder of [null], a brand that I have established to provide various services, information, and sell my products under. While not at my full time job, I work on projects with my partner Tobi Sakatoi in our small office. We provide technical content including guides, articles, artwork, and more free of charge with no advertisements. We also operate a small online store where we well original products and services such as the 最高タイプ (SaikouType) NKBM-ST110r2.0 Custom Mechanical Keyboard, mouse pads printed with our original artwork, custom PC system build services, and graphic design services. We also sell modified and refurbished computer hardware from time to time. We pay for all operating costs out of pocket, sometimes at a small loss. Making even a small donation helps us keep going and continue to offer our content free of advertisements and pay-walls.

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