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Hi, I'm FusioN, masked digital illustrator and exer with NULL, masked EDM Producer behind [NULLDIVISION]™.
Together we're creating a sci-fi universe of where we come from, telling the stories of it's past, future, and how it intertwines with our current world, using EDM and Digital Art.

We believe that music and art, when built together, are a lethal combination.

Let's be honest with each other, this page exists for a reason.
Money is great and all, but truly the greatest way to support this project is to share my links and info with your friends and family. (Including this one!)

Your patronage will:
  • Be placed immediately into a separate account, dedicated solely to this project.
  • Help pay for hardware for any part of [NULLDIVISION]™ (Such as necessary computer upgrades, music related hardware, software, ect.)
  • Help fund later versions of the physical helmet. (currently on version 2.0)
  • Lets me know that there is interest and ensures this projects longevity.

This project is created 100% in spare time, we both currently work to pay normal human bills, and fund [NULLDIVISION] as much as possible. It is our dream to one day, have our time 100% dedicated to creating both art and music for you to enjoy. ((we just like making it, might as well share it!))

There's currently only 1 tier.
Patrons will receive access to official .wav files and full 4k res art!
Update Aug 2019:
Patron names will now be added to the ends of quick draw Instagram videos for appreciation <3
and the overwhelming sensation you get from joining us in this journey.

For now I will sporadically post art/song processes and WIPS when time allows me.

Our current goals for 2019: (This is constantly updated!)
  • Continue to create 1 song a month, with accompanying art and music video.
  • Begin playing live, local EDM shows!
  • Complete the writing of the origin comic series.
  • Further create universal lore.
  • Attend Tucson con as a regular guest. (Maybe even as a invited guest! MaYbE eVeN DJ a aFtEr PaRty!!)
  • Continue our studies in both crafts.

Previous goals met:
  • Create the first helmet. (2016)
  • Create a standing origin story. (2016)
  • Update helmet to version 1.5, now has automated facial expressions (2017)
  • Get a 3D printer for printed parts for version 2.0 (as well as learn how to use it. 2017)
  • Have a table in an artist alley (2016,2017)
  • Create helmet version 2.0, now has automated and on-the-fly trigger expressions, 3d printed parts, and much lighter. (2018)
  • Meet some really amazing people and new friends (also still a current goal :3)
  • Study enough to start producing full and complete songs. (2018)
  • Re-wrote the origin story (2019)
  • Further study digital art and processes, taking my art further then it's ever reached before.
  • Current months met: 
See you around!

- FusioN

Interested in a commission? Please read this stupid dry information first and shoot a message on either our Twitter or DM FusioN through our Official [NULLDIVISION] Discord server!
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25 of you!  Let's do a patron only raffle! The prize will be a original, PHYSICAL poster of yours truly, shipped and sent. There will be options.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
Audio releases