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About Barely Coherent Podcast

In The Beginning...

It all started in early March of 2017 when a few guys at work noticed that when we got together on our breaks we would have some pretty lively conversations about all kinds of things. So much so that we would get a crowd forming around us. It was then I realized that we should record these conversations and release them as a podcast. Hence Barely Coherent Podcast was born. Now to be fair this is not your typical podcast. We talk over each other a lot and make fun of each other every chance we get, however we are passionate about the subjects we're discussing. Those subjects are literally anything like fast cars, technology and life in general, even some political and social issues that plague us today. We record on Fridays and release on Sundays as often as we can. Please remember we still have our day jobs and family does comes first, but we would love to build the podcast up enough to make it our full time job...ahh! That would be nice!

The Listeners
Of course none of this matters without you folks the listeners. The folks who donate some of their precious time to listen to podcasts is of the upmost importance to us and we want to make sure that every podcast we produce is worthy of your time. We know there is millions of other podcasts out there that you can listen too so when you choose us we are extremely grateful and humbled by your offering. With that said we encourage you to please gives us feedback and comments anytime you like about anything so that we can make the show better for each and every one of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your time.

The Patrons
As a lot of you may know running even a simple audio podcast cost money, more than you think. Microphones, cables, mixing boards and other items can get expensive even on a tiny budget. A lot has gone into this project to produce a podcast that's worth listening too but actually does not hurt your ears. Since we are average working folk making a meager salary a lot of this funding comes from your donations and pledges and we thank you so much for that. Nothing holds back ideas and prospects like being broke and unable to see out your dreams. So when you donate you are directly responsible for making our dreams come true. Which in turn gives us the opportunity to give back to you in the form of a quality podcast you can enjoy. It's as if there is some circle of love that keeps perpetuating through the universe... okay maybe thats a bit much, but truthfully I don't think we could ever express just how much we appreciate your patronage. It truly is the motivation that drives us to keep doing what we are doing for you.

Thank you All for Everything

Charlie, Dan, James & Brian
Barely Coherent Podcast
$2 of $40 per null
To make this podcast feasible we are looking to try and hit $2000 annually to cover the cost of equipment, domains, server costs and other factors so what you donate goes 100% towards keeping this project running.
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