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Hello, my name is Nicky Wilson and I am a Scottish Photographer and Videographer. Firstly, the reasons that I am here is to ask for your help. I love to capture moments and give and insight to my perspective on the world, I do this by bring out my creative side. By helping me the money will be invested into my photography career. Examples being investment in equipment giving me the opportunity to give you better quality images. It will also help me fund my travel for any trip and experiences that I would capture for your enjoyment. At the moment everything that I do and everywhere that I go is all self-funded from my everyday job this includes travel expenses and living. I mostly shoot landscapes at the moment, but I also shoot a variety of other things such as Portraiture, Fashion, architecture... basically anything. I also enjoy creating Surreal images through the use of photoshop editing. I really hope that you think that it is worth while supporting me and by doing this you will be able to follow along and enjoy the journey and experiences. Thank you!
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