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About Nxinyourface

Who are you?
I'm known as Nxinyourface on the interwebs. I'm trying to make entertaining videos on YouTube and also love to livestream on Twitch where I can hang out with my fans and friends.

These activites are currently my hobby but I would love to make them my fulltime job, and since I was suggested to create patreon profile, I'm giving it a go!
What are the pledges for?
All pledges are going to be spent on paying for all my life needs, such as food, rent and so on.
Any pledge is going to help me out big time, but supporting me this way is purely optional.
If we reach certain amount, I can actually quit my job and do Moviemaking / Livestreaming fulltime.
"If you genuinely decide to support me, my friends or other YouTube content creators, you can know for sure that you're a hero in our eyes." - Kiisliy.
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Guilt-Less Ad-Free Viewing
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If you pledge even $1, I will be extremely grateful for your support. And you can feel good about supporting a channel you find valuable. And you will also be relieved of all guilt for using ad-blocker software! :)
  • huge thanks that you decided to support me!
Discord Role
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Special Discord role as a Patreon Supporter with access to chat and voice channel dedicated to Patreon Supporters only.
  • Huge thanks that you decided to support me 2 times more than the guy above!
Includes Discord rewards
Your own Room
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Everything Above + Your own Private room on my Discord with full rights.
  •  I will have to thank you personally.
Includes Discord rewards
$0 of $600 per month
Amount that I can Live off, meaning that I can focus on YouTube and Streaming way more!
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