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Hi! I'm Yuliya aka Nyanners on Youtube, and I make funny videos about anime and video games using my VTuber persona. I also sing and make covers of rap songs! I am working towards becoming a professional voice actress, and creating youtube videos is a fun way to gain experience and practice for that, plus it makes people happy.  I've learned a whole lot since I first started making videos in 2010, and I hope to grow even more. The incredibly generous support and kindness of my fans has helped me come a long way, and I've recently gained roles in various professional dubbing projects, which is something that I had been wanting to achieve for a long time. I'm very thankful for all the people who watch my videos and give me the determination to do my best and always improve my work!
As of 2016, I've also started work on my own original visual novel game, titled "Love Saucer!". I'll post things related to the development of that on my page, too!

Supporting me will help me create higher quality videos with better recording equipment, help me attend conventions where I can meet my fans and Voiceover Industry professionals, and pay off student loans and other expenses. I greatly appreciate any help I can get!
Thank you for reading and checking out my page.
100% complete
My crappy internet speeds where I live out in the country are probably the #1 thing holding me back from producing content more easily and doing fun stuff like streaming without the video and audio quality being horrible, this would help me cover rent and living costs
(This was previously set to $5000 but I reached this goal a few months ago because of my combined patreon, youtube and twitch income, so thank you!!!)

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