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About NYC Women's Art Collective

`The NYC Women’s Art Collective, LLC is a Non-Profit Organization with a mission to encourage, strengthen and ignite artists who are so bravely in pursuit of their dreams. We are a safe space for female-identifying and genderqueer creators to connect, explore, and share their art at every stage of creation.

We discovered through survey, conversation and examination, that women-identifying and genderqueer artists feel disconnected from their own artistic communities and lack the proper resources to thrive. Through our online community we are already connecting people to new job opportunities and providing a platform for artists to showcase their work with our weekly WAC Featured Artist Editorial, and our WAC Show Case Performance events. Our organization is unique because our overall vision and goal is to improve the statistics of women identifying persons in leadership positions in the arts. The NYC WAC, LLC will continue to provide community support, education, promotion, and fundraising for independent projects that attribute to making a positive socio-political change.
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