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I will close my eyes and softly whisper, "thank you."
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About Nicholas Zakas

I spend a significant amount of time writing about web technology through my blog posts and books. My content is generally available for free, including my most recent book, Understanding ECMAScript 6.

Additionally, I'm the author and maintainer of ESLint, a popular JavaScript linting tool that averages over a million downloads a month. I work on ESLint in my spare time and also support the project financially. Through ESLint, I also contribute to many other open source projects.

With your support, I'll be able to spend more time writing content and maintaining ESLint.
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At this level, I will be able to spend significant time working on ESLint as well as continuing to produce content through my blog and books. I will still need to take side work consulting to pay the bills, but I won't need to find a full time job.
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