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YORICK: Exclusive access to my patrons' message board and all weekly extra content including videos on approaching Shakespearea monologues and thoughts on various Shakespeare-related subjects.
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BERNARDO: All rewards at the $1 level + a SPECIAL THANKS credit in all films that you "patreonize."
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ROSENCRANTZ+GUILDENSTERN: All rewards at the $1 and $5 level + ONE ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit and an additional SPECIAL THANKS credit in all films that you "patreonize" (which means one for you and one for someone special of your own choosing; this can make a nice "thinking of you" gift).




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About O4A Films

"Words, words, words!" A (moving) picture is worth 10,000 words! To find out more about my YouTube channel and the type of content I am producing, please watch the video above.

Here are some FAQ that you might find useful after watching the video:

What does it mean when you become a patron?

By becoming a patron, you will help me increase the technical quality of my Shakespeare films which will unleash the creative potential that lies within myself and the people I work with.

I accept your patronage on a per-film basis with an average of one film per month. As a result, supporting me for a whole year at the one-dollar level will cost you only 12 dollars!

Where does the money per film go?

Your patronage will go directly to equipment rentals and the people (cast and crew, except for me) who make these videos possible.

My first films were produced and shot entirely on my own with significant limitations; your patronage, viewership and sharing will allow me to bring the right people on-board (by paying them fairly) and rent the right equipment, which will not only immediately increase the quality of my films, but will also allow me to more clearly articulate my vision.

How will I know you're making movies with my money?

Good question! The best proof I can give is that all of my films will always be free and viewable on my O4A Youtube Channel. By becoming a patron, you will get the benefits outlined below at each contributing level. 

I'm a kindred spirit. Can I get involved with your projects?

Yes, absolutely! I welcome any and all input including recommendations for films! I will also be setting up a website soon with information about how people can get involved through cast and crew positions if they are local to the Los Angeles area, so stay tuned!

Some final thoughts...

If Shakespeare just isn't "your thing," though I'd want to try to convince you otherwise, I also totally understand. 

However, I would love for you to share this page with your social network or with friends and family who you feel may be interested in seeing my experiments with Shakespeare on screen.

A simple share can be the missing link between myself and the other Hugos of the world, and help me in producing my next project.

Thanks for your support!

Hugo Pierre Martin | Los Angeles, CA | January 28th 2015
$20 of $50 per film
With $50, I could rent a lens and polarizing filter. This would allow me to experiment with some rental equipment before committing to purchasing it in the future. My current zoom lens has certain inherent limitations so a new set of "eyes" rented through BorrowLenses.com would really elevate the quality of my short films.
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