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hello,i am 8 years old, i luv 2 play minecraft and i luv fidget spinners and im super rich that i gave my pc a gucci belt ya, i also only wear skechers and gap clothing even tho i'm rich, i also love purple kool aid, i also scream at my parents if they don't give me money so i can buy all the minecrafts stuff, my grandma is a poor sap and doesn't have any money so i hate her, i also shot my dad in da leg cuz he didnt give me any money for minecraft when it first came out, i am sexually attached to minecraft and i think overwatch and csgo is worse than minecraft cus minecraft is da best even better that roblox cus their bad, i luv dantdm and he is my senpai and i watch his videos like my hentai, i also get bullied at school cus i play minecraft but i call them a steve cus i don't like dem, me and my 8 year old friends cum over to my house and we all play minecraft and we play with our fidget spinners (we fidget each others spinners) and most of my friends have ah hd cus we play minecraft. me and my ad hd friends ruv minecraft so much that slober goes all over the computer i broke about ten computers so far. mojang is my master i luv it..

Day 2
I recently broke another computer over minecraft. I was so mad that foortnite was better than minecraft, so i tried foortnite, I LUV IT SO MUCH NOW. i stole my dads credit card like 100 times for v-bucks and my parents are in debt because i bought v-bucks. Now me and my friends play fortnite and i ruv it so much. Epic games is my master now. Yes daddy.

Day 3
i got the new raven skin and glider and pickaxe… i spent alot of money and v-bucks on it… i also have the dab taunt equipped on every taunt slot. And i also played with ninja I HAVE A NEWWW UTUBE CHANNEL GO SUBSCRIB TODAIE KK BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII REOKED MANNE

Today i mad a new youtube channel and i gotie mi furst sooubscribber. But its wasis mie mumms so i guess i got happy then. I told all of mie friends 2 soobscribe to mie and day did , i got so happy dat dey did. goGO SUBSCRBE 2 ME OR ILL DELETE UR MINCRAFT ACCOUNT. XOXO FORATNITE GOOD MASTER YEET YEET bOI RAVIOLI.

Day 5
I hate minecraft now i luv fortnut so much i get so much v-boks and i also burned all my minecrap merch, fortnut is my master, i watch all of the clickbait videos about fortnite and i also have a link for a 100% working totaly legit v-boks generator Fortnite V-Boks Generator Pro
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