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About Obi Studios

Sphera is: A multiplayer platform racing game where you take out your enemies and use technical movements to get across platforms to the finish line. Depending on what place you get, you’re given tokens to buy different assortments of gear for your sphere! Unlock-able gear, trails, attachments, and skins allow you to express yourself while taking out your competition.

Technical Features: Players will have a lot more technical movement than any other marble game out there. Currently players can accelerate, brake, ground dash, double jump, and slam. There are more movements that allow players to interact and win games, like an impressive array of power ups we have planned.

Aesthetic Features: What's better than racing games? CUSTOMIZABLE racing games! Sphera sports options for skins, hats, trails, and other gear to rival Rocket League. Yes, you heard right! Attachments that do things when you jump or dash. Skins that glow, spin, and look all kinds of crazy. And hats that... well.. hats that hat... and stuff. Last but not least, levels that are part of themes and do all kinds of stuff. Stuff like moving, blocking you, lighting, and playing music. All these things will be unlock-able with in-game currency (tokens and tickets) and are suggested by the fans themselves.

How will it all work? The game will all be coordinated in a centralized hub based loosely on Los Angeles' own Santa Monica Pier. Think Splatoon's hub... but with spheres on the beach. Spheres everywhere. You'll be able to chat, move around and interact with mostly everything in the hub. You can join games, watch people play, win tickets in mini games, spend those tickets on gear at shops, and other fun stuff.

Game Modes: There are three current game modes planned. Classic Race (your typical race mode), Deathmatch (you fall, you get kicked out to the hub, or you can spectate, whatever floats your boat), and Battle Royale (Think Mario Kart Balloons, but with a giant hole in the middle).

Our big goal: Our huge goal is to show Sphera off at Pax South next year in San Antonio, Texas. We also plan to get this project on the list for the Unreal Dev Grant to help us achieve that.

But where do I come in? Get yourself a tester key (that comes with a nice Super Supporter role in our Discord server, too)! Speaking of our Discord, hop in there and liven it up a bit. We could use the company! Since we're working out of our own pockets right now, we don't have many resources to hire more developers. Every Patron helps us move towards a dedicated, paid staff! If you don't feel like becoming a Patron, look out for our hashtag, #spheracal, on social media and spread the word!

What does this game remind me of? Great question! This game is Monkey Ball or Marble Madness, on steroids, mashed together with Rocket League taking place in Splatoon's hub.
But the best part is...
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When we hit 50 patrons, we'll start a YouTube channel to show you guys how we develop and play Sphera! Who knows, maybe we'll feature top Patrons playing with us.
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