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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page, or as I like to call it - the Demo Lounge Experience! What does it mean? Glad you asked, have a look:

The short version...
If you like my music and want to help me create more of it, please pledge $1 (or more) when I release a new song/video. You'll be the first to hear these new demos as they come out and you also get exclusive goodies in exchange, to make it worth your while!

A little longer...
I write new material constantly and have for many years, but it mostly just ends up as audio bits on my phone, and life goes on. Then I found Patreon and it got me thinking: What if I was to start releasing new songs on a regular basis, in the form of demos and live sessions (video).

And this is where you as patreons come in - we would do it together! Patreon is a platform that lets anyone support an artist they like in their ongoing work, on a variety of levels. Those of you who believe in what I'm doing can drop me some spare change to help make it all possible! I'm asking you to contribute as little as $1 when I release a new tune or video. You can be a part of the process and also  get a bunch of nice rewards!

I call this the Demo Lounge Experience - A creative space resulting in new song demos, and a great place for us to just hang, chat and interact. Sort of a music-adventure-club where you are a part of the process. Welcome onboard!

How often will you release songs?
Hopefully, I’ll be releasing 1-2 songs a month, and these songs are free for everyone. Patreon will never collect any funds until a new song demo is released and you can also set a monthly max so you always stay within your own limit.

Music is my passion and I will always be writing and playing, always... but with your help I can create and share even more of it!

I can't thank you enough for your time & love - it means the world to me.

P.S. Amounts are in US-dollars because this site is American. You can pay in any currency and it’ll be converted for you.
Select a membership level
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- Access to my Patreon-only activity feed where you can write comments and ask me questions. Simply a great way for us to interact.

- Early access to songs and videos.

- Downloadable versions (in mp3) of all published songs/live sessions
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All the above, plus:

- Behind the scenes exclusive! Songs in the making, bits and cuts from new videos & plenty more of exclusive content, only for $3+ patreons!

- I'll follow you on Instagram as another great way to keep involved! All $3+ supporters also receive private messages with unpublished photos that won't show up in the public stream. (Remember to send your Instagram handle)
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All the above, plus:

- Let´s talk! Monthly Google hangout stream only for $5+ patrons. Ask questions live, discuss ideas and what not.

Audio commentary! You'll have access to a special version of every live session video, which includes an audio commentary! Like those good old DVD-extras.

- Get a handwritten postcard when you sign up  
Limited (30 of 30 remaining)
per song
All the above, plus:

- A seat on the
Ocean Flight Board of Trustees. Where do you want me to go? Exchanging ideas, influence me, what to write about next and help me name songs. Many of your ideas will be used! Access to my private email address so we can communicate directly with questions and requests.

- Video updates! Unpublished short video (on Instagram) sent every month, exclusively for my amazing $10+ Patrons!
Limited (14 of 15 remaining)
per song
All the above, plus:

- More music! Unreleased and raw song ideas, rough cuts or unfinished audio samples, just for fun and to get your valued feedback on! Exclusive for my spectacular $20+ patreons.

- A one-on-one 30 minute Google Hangout after every new release!
Talk about the process, tips & tricks - Let's get to know each other :)

- If you pledge $20 to three uploads you'll get a unique "Ocean Flight supporter" T-shirt (remember to send me your size)
per song
All the above, plus:

- Skype buddies! Send me your Skype handle when you sign up and we can get to talking, every week if you want, and about absolutely anything!

- After supporting three uploads at this level I'll do an online live performance just for you (and whoever you want to enjoy it with)

- Every month I record a personal video message/update for you, or maybe a friend (I leave it up to you to decide)

Or you know what, after giving such an amount why don't you email me and tell me if you have any another idea!

$28 of $100 per song
If we reach this goal I'll send a personal thank-you postcard to every single patron!
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