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The Ochelli Effect, hosted by Chuck Ochelli, is your source for real information, news & discussions, far beyond the script of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and well outside the integral grasp of the alleged alternative media (ALT). The Ochelli Effect airs live Monday thru Friday 8:00-10:00 pm ET on, ( launched mid-2017) livestreaming and re-broadcast on numerous network affiliates daily.
Who is Chuck Ochelli?   A.K.A. "The Blind JFK Researcher", Chuck initiated his quest for the truth relating to several personal inquiries, scrutinizing all information given by any government agency or academic authority.  This, in conjunction with a fascination with history, (the assassination of John F. Kennedy in particular) became the catalyst to delve into source materials and the exploration of many events by contacting witnesses and authors with first hand knowledge. A self-taught investigator & researcher, Chuck developed an intellectual data base of information over the decades and thusly became known as "The Blind JFK Researcher".

With encouragement from people in diverse media circles along with Chuck's growing mistrust in all things government, The Ochelli Effect was born. Airing live for the first time in 2014 & with hundreds of shows under his belt, Chuck has proven himself to be an instrument of honest continuing discourse, inquiring into the real people, places and things shaping and influencing the world around us, along with the true nature of the players on the worlds' stage who act and speak in manners requiring Chuck's sharp analysis and critique.

The mission of The Ochelli Effect is to continue providing you with honest media while competing with, and, ultimately surpassing the reach & following of the MSM and ALT media alike.

Thank you, from the top to the bottom of our hearts, for your ear, your trust & your support!

"I am Ochelli... YOU are the Effect"         Chuck Ochelli  

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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