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 :_\ Welcome, chummer \

:"Grab a drink, grab a snack, and enjoy as the stories unfold. 
Stories of hardened mercs and corp wageslaves, filthy sprawls and fancy clubs, shiny chrome and bloody meat, black trenchcoats and pink mohawks.. "
_The story is inspired by a tabletop game I played with some friends. Retold and put to paper for people to enjoy.

:_\ Who am I? \

:"Name's Richard, some call me Dick and sometimes I come without calling.
You wanna get a job done? Yeah, I'm the man for it.."
_A person with a pen. I'm a freelance illustrator, I draw stuff.
And sometimes drawing stuff does not get me paid well. 
So I come here with a hope and a dream - doing what I love for people who can enjoy it and, in return, support it.

:_\ How things are done? \

:"Look.. "Thanks" ain't a valid currency around here..
The only charity I can give's a cold chrome fist through your noggin.. "
_The comics are and will be free for reading for anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyweb.
This page mainly exists for the people who would like to support me as a creator and, with higher tiers, to be a part of a story.

 :Some FAQ: 
  • I do commission work (illustrations, logos and etc) like that and more
  • Prefered style is hardlines and "comics-like-stuff", though i can work in several 
  • This page is "Under Construction" atm, since i don't have much free time at hands
  • anything else - to be added ..

_So without further adieu..
:".. get ready mates, we're going in hot and funky! "

$0 of $250 per month
At this point I can focus more of my time on the comics and this page. Since with that goal i can get by without hectic search of commission work. 
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