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Check out some of my latest love-children:

How can you NOT want more of this in your life???

I mean, I'll write another goddamn book if I can afford dollar pizza every day

I recently published a critically-acclaimed book that you can snag for in  KINDLE & DIGITAL for $2.99 or in PRINT for $20


~ David Metcalfe and I talk all things Magick, Death, and Santa Muerte
* https://youtu.be/MzLSkij5RtU

~ Daniel Moler and I talk about Terence McKenna & Psychedelic Mayhem
* https://youtu.be/8xDXnpxXYrM

~ Russell Targ and I talk about Government ESP Research
* https://youtu.be/nqrlh_flL00

~ Gabriel Dean Roberts and I talk about the Universe as a Computer Simulation & How Your Life is More than Probably a Video Game
* https://youtu.be/O8ipDnPCmIY

~ Listen as I briefly call George Knapp and Steve Bassett about UFO Disclosure, Political Activism, and whether or not it's really a good idea to use our innate psychic abilities to dial up unfamiliar aliens
* https://youtu.be/yydMoXaqjb8


**** **** But that's not all **** ****
**** **** I WANT TO TEACH THE WORLD **** ****
**** **** FOR FREE! **** ****

I run a project called Educating Earth which collects all the free courses, academic material, lectures, debates, art archives. I want to help spread the idea that anyone on the planet could already download a university-level education FOR FREE.

**** **** ****  Read the article here **** **** ****

Educating Earth also has a Facebook Group where people share what they find as well. Although Educating Earth has an international audience and it's one of my favorite things to work on, sadly, I haven't had time or resources to develop it further...

As for writing I've published about 1,000 philosophical liners and jokes as
Anti-teachings for Young People. Anti-teachings will be in some kind of book-like format soon… hopefully... maybe.

**** **** MUSIC! **** **** 

 **** **** **** REVIEWS! **** **** ****
"One of the most intelligent pages I follow. I love the combination of in-depth knowledge and light spirited writing. I'm thankful for reading many of their posts and links to interesting articles." -- Shaun O'Neil

"Unconventional almost to the point of absurdity. Keeps things interesting." -- George Palafox

"One of the few facebook account worth following." -- James Lee Watson

"A lot of good interesting content[...] I don't always get to it but when I do i'm usually quite amused and impressed." -- Linwood Young

"A welcome fountain of hope in the turgid wasteland of art damage, selfies, and Connecticut-ass navel-gazing that is my newsfeed. OddEdges is a crossroads of esoterica, applied philosophy, futurism, and critical thinking. It is also the only source of information that I can dance to."
-- Joseph Whitt

"You share thought-provoking material. You're both in and off the track in what choose to share. I particularly like when you surprise with a topic that I would not expect at all." -- Estra Chang

"Odd is a jewel at the very center of all things magical, futurist, and quantum. His offhand knowledge on a myriad of cutting edge areas of research easily bests that of many who are twice his age and steeped in the mire of stagnated scientific tradition. Odd is from the future and is here to help." -- Gabriel D. Roberts

"OddEdges is doing his part to get information out to a larger audience that may help us all to create a better world." -- Bette S Baysinger

"With all the talk about what's bad about Facebook and how it's spying and creating new weird algorithms to control our feeds, I wanted to remind peeps about something that's super GREAT about this medium--pages like the one linked below by my friend and fellow dangerous mind, Eliott, Aka Odd Edges. Eliott curates the kind of social media that inspires and reminds me of what's possible using these powerful online tools. He spends untold hours scouring the web for gold while also tirelessly amplifying the kind of non-mainstream news that's in constant danger of being throttled down by corporations who have a vested interest in a certain narratives. The truly beautiful thing is he does this with an outpouring of joy and humor, which, imo, is the real medicine in his message. Please check out his page and follow him for snack sized bytes of ferreal internet nourishment" -- Jennifer Palmer

Like watching a fireworks finale...backwards...in slow motion...through a kaleidoscope...on a ship at sea...during a monsoon... with Einstein and Bohr beside me discussing the nature of reality...as robots abduct aliens in a virtual reality created by a Peruvian shaman.  Following the Odd Edges clan has positively changed my perspective in more ways than I can count on my eleven long periwinkle fur covered fingers. -- Myshka Kozlovski 


for keeping it weird <3

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