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Every dollar you pledge represents one chance of being drawn to spend a week at our tiny house in the south of Brazil when we finish building it or on our sailboat somewhere on the world. So, you will get two chances!! You will also get:

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  • A special thanks on the end of one of our videos
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As you really want to get on board with us we feel like instead of only you listening to us it's time for us to listen to you. You will be part of our monthly online hangout where we want to hear you ideas, suggestions and solutions for our project. We would love to turn this project into a colab project. We believe on this way we will take this project to another level. Of course you will also get all the perks from the tier above, but not only that, you will also get:

  • Your name carved on a wooden part of our Tiny House
  • A special thanks on the end of one of our videos
  • The final cost sheet in the end of our Tiny Shipping Container House building showing where we spend every single dollar of the budget + from our sailboat
  • 5 chances of being drawn to spend a week at our Tiny Shipping Container House or sailboat
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About Odd Life Crafting

Thanks a lot for checking out our Patreon page.
If you are here, by now you probably already know something about us, but just in case, let us introduce ourselves.

We are Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple trying to find their own path through life. During a sabbatical trip (in the year of 2016) around Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand we decided that it was about time to start following our dream, it was time to put our hearts full time on our dream project.

But what is this project about?

Well, in our humble opinion life is way too complex to be described in one sentence, or in only one project. With this clear in our minds, we decided to create what we called "the mother project", that is the connection to many other projects, and we called it "Odd Life Crafting".

Odd Life Crafting is the connection between all our passions and dreams. It's a life long project composed by many smaller projects that we call seasons.

Right now we are on season two, and that's what we want to talk about.

Season two, or "Living Tiny Project" is a YouTube series about our journey building our own Tiny Shipping Container House and sharing with you guys weekly episodes (every Monday) about it.

But why a Tiny House? Why in a shipping container? Why are we building by ourselves? Wouldn't it be cheaper to hire someone to build it for us? Well, these are all fair questions and we do have answers for some of them, but for others we still have no clue.

Wait, wait!!! How about the abandoned sailboat that you guys have just bought? Well that was supposed to be season 3, but life is full of surprises. Sometimes the opportunity present itself and it's hard to say no.

A little bit before we finish the house and season 2 we found our dream boat project, this abandoned sailboat that we believe after 22 years on the hard deserves to back on water.

This been said, we decided to take a couple months off the building of the house and moved 700km away to refit this boat to the point we can sail her back to our hometown and live aboard while we finish the house.

So how about after that? Well, that is too far away to predict.

Sometimes the answers are a little bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. And that's one of the reasons we are starting a Patreon page.

We want to invite you to be part of this amazing journey we are experiencing, and together we can find some of these answers. Your opinion on future projects, and your ideas and solutions for our current project means a lot to us. We also see Patreon as a way of keeping our production independent and as real as possible, in this way, we hope to inspire more people to follow their own dreams.

In order of maintain the quality of our videos from time to time we need to renew our camera gear, computer gear, safety gear, equipments in general; but that's not all. One of our main problems is time. Right now we are working on our video production literally 24/7, from the time we wake up until we go to bed. No, no, we are not complaining, we have been enjoying every second of it, but for sure sometimes we wish the day had more than 24 hours.

In order to maintain one video a week we really need your help.

The only way we can manage to post a new episode every Monday is to keep working full time, and to do that we can't have a side job, otherwise we will get crazy. And that's how everyone's help could make this dream possible.

Think about this as if we needed to fill up a huge empty swimming pool with water. If one person try to do it alone using only a glass to bring water from a nearby source it would take forever, but if a few hundred people were there to help, it would be a lot faster,easier and for sure everyone would have more fun.

If somehow you wish to help us we'll be always grateful and we'll keep doing our best to make sure you know we really appreciate that, giving you some really nice special treats.

But how does it work?

If you really like the content we are producing and you want to help you can choose the amount you want to pledge per video we launch (remember that any amount helps) and select some cool perks like having your name carved on our Tiny House, special online hangouts, and more.

Don't worry, you can easily setup a maximum number of videos you wish to support, so in case we get crazy and start producing 5 videos a week you won't get broke. You can also edit or cancel your pledge at any time, it's really simple.

If you don't feel like it's the right time to support our project though Patreon there is no problem, there are many other ways you can support us. You can stop by to give us a hand, you can use your skills to help us from wherever you are, you can donate things to us, or you can help by just watching our videos. Just to know that you enjoy our videos and that some how they make a difference on your life is a huge motivation for us.

Well, starting a YouTube channel gave us the amazing opportunity to meet so many new friends, and we love that. For sure without everyone's support we wouldn't be able to find solutions to many of the problems we encounter every day.

And keep in mind, no matter how you choose to support us, we'll always appreciate and be grateful for that, and don't worry, if you don't join us on Patreon that doesn't mean that you won't have access to our videos. No matter what our videos will be always available for free and for everyone.

One more time thanks a lot for stopping by.

Duca and Roberta

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You guys are awesome!! This production wouldn't be possible without your support!! So we will produce a special episode that will be entirely produced with the ideas suggested by our Patreons.

With this amount per video we are able to save towards ou next project that it might be building of a wood/metal workshop.

We also want to have a Patreon to spend a week with us every semester so we can develop a project all together. All the Patreon will need to do is to buy the airplane ticket, the rest is on us. All inclusive hehehehe. We will build, go sailing, surfing, kitesurfing and everything you want to do in Florianópolis.
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