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What is a furry and why do people be them?
Simply, furries are people who are fans of anthropomorphic animal characters, Furries most commonly make characters called "fursonas" (Furry Persona) to identify as in the furry fandom!
There are conventions and some people get custom made suits (costumes) of their fursonas. 

So who am i?
Hey i'm a Student, Developer, Modeler who is known as OdionWolf (or Odion for short). I love bringing joy and laughter to people!. I'd love to bring a smile to anyone who watches me and supports me!

Why patreon?
I chose patreon so i don't have to put ads in my videos and people have the choice if they wanted to support me!

What would i do with the money from patreon?
I would do many things with the money from patreon but the main thing i would do is always give back to my patreons whether its more videos, get videos before anyone else etc. If your interested check out the reward tiers and pick the one which suits you.
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