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I can't thank you enough. Well, I can. I'll get tired eventually. I mean, I can talk a lot, but still...




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About Michael McCaskill

My Name is Michael McCaskill and I'm the creator and writer of The Thief of Eyes. The main purpose of the this Patreon is to allow me to expand the experience of reading TToE and to tell other stories as time goes on! Imagine, for less than the cost of a jar of Nutella a month, you can help a man live his dream. I'm not trying to separate you from your nutella. I'm just saying...

Storytelling is a huge part of my heart and makes me happier than pretty much anything else. I would say my dog is the only thing more important at the moment, but that would only be to stroke his ego and he can't read, so I'm pretty safe there. The support of Patrons is an amazing way for me to get to my goals and share my tales with the world! Nothing gets me more excited.

Except for Nutella perhaps... Naw. This is pretty much tops. Thanks for your consideration!
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At this point, I'll be adding at least one illustration to the story a month to supplement your viewing pleasure.
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