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you are really cool and i love you.
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i'll come to you for ideas as well as basically worship you like a god.
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wowee i'm gonna make you a song! only about a minute long, but yes!




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About Solace

hi! i'm jay, i'm a pianist from thailand, but i'm learning to make music electronically!

i have plans to release music in the future, but for now i need both financial and motivational support in order to achieve my goal. every little bit helps!

on my patreon, i'll mostly post wips and stuff that i make, like doodles. i probably won't charge you unless i'm confident that it's worth being charged for - so you won't have to worry about losing absurd amounts of money.

money that is earned from this patreon is used towards music - e.g. samples, instruments, etc.

$17 of $25 per album
basically if i can even earn money off this i'll be producing more stuff.
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