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About David Eric Dunn

Don't mind the skulls, I'm D.E.D., not crazy.

Hi! I'm David Eric Dunn, I write fiction. I publish my work as D. E. Dunn, and I'm known as officialded on social media. (mostly)

You can call me David.

What's going on here?

I'm here to take your money! (politely) So give it to me! (please)

In all seriousness though, I'm here to write. I live and breathe fiction and find it impossible (and unbearable) to give up. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than building a world and experiencing a characters life, except for sharing that experience with you.

How can I help?

I'm currently writing on spare change and extra time. You can change that. Time is money, and vice versa. Money can give you time, and time is something a writer needs. (a lot of it) Right now I spend the majority of my time working for money, and every minute spent is time I don't have to write. If you like what I write, you can help by giving me the money (Time) to write more.

So what are your plans in general?

I've published a bit as an indie writer because I prefer to control what's written and to interact with my community directly.

Currently I write in two ways. The paid way (in which I charge for my work), and the free way ( in which I release stories for free for all to enjoy). I like the free way better, but everyone's got bills to pay, and my situation isn't any different.

I'm continuing with both, though with a greater focus on free and freely readable because that's what I believe in.

So, I plan on writing a lot of stuff that I release free for all (with your support), and some that I put out for sale. You can enjoy both.

And for writing?

My two concrete series for the next few years that I've already released work for and have a schedule for future releases are - Lone Wendy, and The Seven Series. - Other works are done when done, and will be announced when near completion. With enough support I hope to release stuff on a frequent basis.

-Lone Wendy.

There will be three Lone Wendy Novellas, and maybe some Novelettes and/or shorts.

Lone Wendy explores the ideas behind religion, god, destiny, coming of age and finding your way in this world.  And also:

-The rise of machines and their impact on humanity, and the impact of a soulless intelligence.(Like AI but magical in this case)
-What is a god really? Is it some supreme being, an idea in the mind of men, or a fallible entity wielding power above men?
-The definition of morality.
-What are we really? The flesh, the soul? The servant of something more or the individual?
-Exploration of emotion.
-The mind and what keeps it together or breaks it.
-It's a series about the curious and courageous among us, life, death, and beyond.
-And it's about Wendy, a girl who dreams big, who doesn't give up, and who stands up for what's right even in the face of death and the unknown.

Lone Wendy besides being a great inspiration of mine is also the first book that I released, and I will always take the utmost time to develop the series. I write it on almost pure inspiration and will never short change the series or any work in it with fluff or filler. That also means that I don't write the series with the reader in mind, what gets published is the soul of Wendy, and has little to do with me or those that read the series. (though I do hope you enjoy it, I know I do)

Lone Wendy Novellas are planned for once per year, plus whatever novelettes and/or shorts that may surface during that time.

Lone Wendy is a paid release.

-The Seven Series of shorts.

The Seven Series is loosely noir in atmosphere, being rooted in the criminal element, and being morally and ethically ambiguous. It's urban, the “main character” is a detective of sorts, although there are many characters deeply explored throughout the series. I plan on exploring a range of themes in the series, from real world issues, to sci-fi, the supernatural, and beyond. If I like a subject and can find a way to make it fit into the Seven Series, I will.

I have outlines for thirty six shorts so far, the final product could be more or less. The whole series is experimental in my opinion, in that I'm willing to try anything subject and style wise in the Seven Series.

I plan on releasing a Seven Short once every six weeks tentatively. I may release one every month or every two months depending on what else I'm working on. Six weeks is the general release goal.

The Seven Series is a free release.

-Besides Lone Wendy and The Seven Series of shorts, I have many other book ideas, shorts, novelettes, novellas, novels, poems, and non fiction instructional and opinion pieces in the works. For greater details on these projects look to my posts, I like to keep up to date on my current projects. There is probably an at least mildly informative post lurking around somewhere.

For what's currently out you can check here: Out Now

What you haven't put out yet, what can I expect?

My writing style is generally character centric, philosophical, and (I've been told) dark. (though I don't consider it that way, seems perfectly happy to me, though so do the skulls that I have as my emblem, so....)

I like to write about hardships, morality, overcoming, the realms before life, and after. All of the hardships that plague the living, politics, friendships, and other struggles of power. The supernatural, mythic, godly, rumored, and conspired.

Through the development of some of my characters who's work may or may not have been released by the time you (yes you!) are reading this, I have developed a strange fascination with the meaning of truth, history, and what we might be, who may have created us. What secrets lye buried right before us, and whether or not the universe, it's vast dimensions, or possible mortal/immortal beings truly exist or hold any real power over the place that we all find ourselves in.

Yes, I'm nuts in other words. But maybe in a pseudo positive way.

Regardless, I like to write about my insanity, if you like that kind of thing – show your love, I'll try not to disappoint.


A pledge starts at $1, but you know what they say, “the more the merrier.” Any money you pledge above the minimums goes toward extras. Besides fiction writing, I can write non fiction companion pieces, life advice, and know quite a bit about writing that I can share. (and being able to hire an editor would be swell)

$1 a month supports my free efforts and you have my greatest appreciation.

$2 a month supports my free efforts, you have my greatest appreciation, and you get the opportunity to read my paid releases for free! (Through Smashwords, requires a free account)

Your stuff seems cool, and I'd like to see more, but how far can you get?

Well, that's up to you. The more support I have, the more I can write and publish. (and believe me, I have no shortage of material) What I've had the time to publish is the tip of the iceberg compared to the backlogged scripts sitting on my shelves. Besides freeing up time, the real dream is to make enough to hire a dedicated editor. Right now editing is the most time consuming portion of the publishing process. Having a paid editor would be awesome, result in a slicker polish on my work, and allow for much faster releases.

So how far can I get? How much a can I write? Depends on you. (so what are you waiting for, pledge now)

In Summary. (thanks)

I write cool stuff that I enjoy, if you enjoy it too, “Your money, and your life!'”(kidding)

If you've already pledged, thank you, my level of appreciation has no words. You're the best! :)

If not, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for the long read – David

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