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About Wildboy5699

My name is Colton, I'm better known as Wildboy5699, or just wildboy. I am a 19 year old with Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism. One of my dreams is to become a professional actor and/or professional YouTube star. I have over 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and I'm a freshman theater major. So I am off to a good start. As of right now, I'm only doing these things as a hobby but I hopefully can turn it into a career later in the future. The only problem is that where I live, there is not a lot of places around where I live that has a lot of oppertunies for me to get further with my dream. I made this pateron so I can hopefully get a few bucks so I can get better equipment for my videos and hopefully save some money to move somewhere else to help me pursue my dream with acting, I have some exciting awards for those who contributes! Thank you so much!!
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If I reach this goal. I will make one short film every six months
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