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Support is support, and we appreciate you! You'll be credited on our Supporters section on-stream and have paid for a special place in our cold, bitter hearts.
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Whoa there, big spender. For lettin' us at that sweet Lincoln each month, you'll grab a link to our Discord community where you can chat with us and other members of the Jammy Fammy. By proxy, you'll get sneak peeks at tracks and projects we've got in the works.
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Ten dollars a month? Gaht damn. Not only will you get access to the Discord and be in the know for our future works, you'll be the first ones to watch/listen/download any videos, tracks or albums we put out.




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About O.FSHO

Hey, fam.

My name is Dex. My friend Dharma and I have been developing an online music project we call O.FSHO, and for the last year we have been streaming live, improvised electronica twice a week.

In the last year alone we have created at least 416 HOURS of original music.

Now, playing live is good, but we're looking to take our project to the next level. We would like to start producing albums, creating tutorials, and reviewing gear while maintaining our performance schedule.

Recently, Dharma and I have both quit our full-time jobs in order to pursue our dream of making this happen. We're teaching music lessons on the side while we try and carve out a niche for ourselves in the music industry. We've decided to reach out to our community through Patreon because after investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of our time, anything helps.

Rewards may be pretty basic right now, but as we further establish ourselves with merch, gear, recordings and tutorials, we'll be able to offer a much better suite. 
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If we reach this lofty goal of $500 a month, we'll be able to work a little bit less, and be able to give back a little bit more.

All O.FSHO patrons will be able to vote on a track that we will cover, each and every month.
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