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Just Because
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The Just Becausers believe in art and want to give an inspirational match to light a fire under it.  Just when the flame might be low; the just becauser fans the flame.

Every month you will receive a special shout out of support on the website and Patreon video.

Spools of Thread
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You are a spool of thread.  
You are a seam.  
You are the back bone and are of utmost importance to make the vision stand on her own.

Every month you will receive a shout out of support on the Patreon site and Patreon video.  + PLUS +  a swatch pack of this months featured fabrics.

Anonymous pledges upon request
Pattern Makers
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You are the Pattern Makers
You are laying it down.  You are the history book.  
And without you I can't go on.

For your pledge you will receive the link to the videos.  Every project will be documented and you will have access to the intro videos.  
These videos will contain at least one magical tip for every aspiring designer




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About Ohlendorf, atelier

WOW!! What a great place this is! Patreon.  A venue for artists to create and share!  Fabulous!!!
I am a clothing designer... well sort of... I am a sculptor of fabric.  
I create one of a kind special occasion - art wear pieces.  
I call it MULTIPLE DRESS DISORDER.. There are so many girls dancing around my imagination. "make me next, MAKE ME NEXT!" Each one knocking louder and louder...
I see them complete.   
When I see them they are as good as done.  
She has a name, she has a context, she has a story....
she knows where she has been, and she knows where she is going.  She just might not yet know how she is going to get there.  
Then, one day her soul mate walks in the door of the atelier.  She sees her.  She really sees her.  She knows she's the one.  And from there I make them happen.  
I tweak here, a seam alteration there..... and then she's off.  My girls go to the greatest places.  Walk the greatest red carpets...And dance the night away in the most magical of galas.

I am Ohlendorf, atelier.  And these are my girls.

Thank you PATREONS!! 
There are many aspects in creation and living out inspiration.  The vision needs to move into fruition.  That takes support and foundation.  Hard work, dedication, multiple jobs.  All of these along with YOU helps the next 'girl' be born, created to dance into the light of this life.  
Thank you for helping me to bring these girls to life.  Their soul mates are waiting for them!

I am excite to create videos of the process.  A tutorial or two.  And even some step by steps in the "How did she do that?" phase.

Patreon subscribers will also have their own questions answered directly through posted videos and direct communications.  

And it gets pretty giggly and musical around the studio....so join me! 
$18 of $50 per creation
When I reach $50 per month it is a guaranteed completed design.  Materials are expensive!
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